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Thane: State Urban Development Minister Eknath Shinde While the political atmosphere has heated up due to his revolt, on the other hand, the list of draft voters for the Thane Municipal Corporation election has been announced by the Municipal Election Department. According to this list, the number of voters in the municipal area has increased by one lakh 62 thousand 85 thousand and the number of women voters is 84 thousand 80. Ward No. 42 has the highest number of 44,134 voters while Ward No. 2 has 39,863 voters.

The Thane Municipal Corporation elections are expected to be held after the monsoon and the elections are being prepared by the municipal administration as per the order of the State Election Commission. The reservation process was completed a few days ago. Subsequently, the Municipal Election Department has started the work of preparing voter lists. The State Election Commission had on June 23 ordered a draft voter list. Accordingly, the Municipal Election Department has published the draft voter list in which the total number of voters is 13 lakh 90 thousand 691. There are 7 lakh 45 thousand 424 male voters and 6 lakh 45 thousand 167 female voters. Also the number of other voters is 100. At the time of the elections held in 2017, there were 12 lakh 28 thousand 606 voters. There were 6 lakh 67 thousand 504 male and 5 lakh 61 thousand 87 female voters. The number of other voters was 15. Therefore, it is seen that the number of voters has increased by one lakh 62 thousand 85 thousand in this year’s election. The highest number is 84,080 women voters. So, there are 77 thousand 920 male voters. The number of other voters is 85, informed the municipal sources.

Citizens will be invited to submit objections and suggestions on the published voter lists from June 23 to July 1. Objections and suggestions will be sought regarding correction of any errors in the scribes, omission of voters from other wards if they are mistakenly included, inclusion of names of such voters in the electoral rolls if their names are omitted in the electoral roll of the concerned ward. After that, the final voter list will be announced by the municipal election department, informed the municipal sources.

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