multiple alleles

Multiple alleles and Multiple allelism Characteristics of multiple alleles

Multiple alleles definition

Multiple alleles : When many alleles of single gene are present , it is called as multiple alleles.

define multiple allelism

what is multiple allelism

Multiple allelism: the phenomenon of multiple alleles in an organism is called as multiple allelism. e.g. Fur colour in rabbits, Blood groups in human, self incompatibility in plants, eye colour in drosophila.


what are multiple alleles multiple alleles example

Characteristics of multiple alleles 

1. Multiple alleles are present at definite position on the same locus in the chromosome.

2. Crossing over does not occur in multiple alleles.

3. The normal (wild) allele is always dominant over the multiple alleles.

4. The multiple alleles follow mendelian principles of segreation and assortment.

5. When two individuals are crossed together with multiple alleles one of them will show dominance.

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