Mumbai: Central Railway is also ready for ambulance service; ‘Lifeline’ in the true sense of the word

Mumbai Local is known as the lifeline of the state capital Mumbai. This local, which is responsible for the speed of Mumbai, has now shown its readiness to serve the passengers as well as the patients. Mumbai Local has taken care of the timely delivery of Liver and Kidney from one hospital to another.

On Thursday, the kidneys and liver were transported safely and promptly from Mumbai Central Railway to Kalyan station in Thane district to Dadar railway station. The entire journey took an hour and seven minutes.

The Railways has taken the work of transporting a brain dead patient’s kidney and liver from a private hospital in Kalyan to a hospital in Parel. Some doctors, railway security personnel, stationmasters of Kalyan and Dadar railway stations and some other staff were present during the transport of these two organs.

Security personnel helped disperse the crowd at the station. Central Railway has shared the details of this performance from its Twitter account.

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