Mumbai: Maharashtra ATS launches major operation, arrests suspected terrorists from Jogeshwari!

The arrest of Jan Mohammad Ali Sheikh, a terrorist living in Mumbai’s Dharavi area for the past few days, has sparked a heated debate in the state. A special team of Delhi Police has arrested a total of six people from various places in North India, including Jan Mohammad. Even though Jan Mohammad was living in Dharavi, did the state’s investigative agencies not know about him? Maharashtra ATS has taken a big action this morning when the opposition criticized by asking such a question. The ATS has managed to nab a suspected terrorist from Mumbai’s Jogeshwari area in an operation conducted by the Mumbai Police Crime Branch. The name of the suspected terrorist is said to be Zakir.

According to ANI, a joint team of Maharashtra ATS and Mumbai Police conducted the operation and arrested the suspected terrorist Zakir. A few days ago, Delhi Police foiled a major terror plot and arrested a total of six terrorists. Zakir has also been arrested in the same case.

The movement was seen in the office of Maharashtra ATS at Nagpada from midnight. Around 2 pm, a senior ATS officer also appeared outside the office, indicating that something big was about to happen. Finally, around 3 pm, a joint team of Maharashtra ATS and Mumbai Police arrested a suspected terrorist from Jogeshwari area of ​​Mumbai. Meanwhile, it is learned that the tip-off came from a special team of Delhi Police.

The failure of ATS that the terrorists living in Dharavi did not know? ATS chief says!

Delhi Police has arrested six terrorists in a major operation on September 14. Jan Mohammad Sheikh (47, Maharashtra), Osama alias Sami (22, Jamianagar), Moolchand alias Saju (47, Rae Bareli), Zeeshan Kamar (28, Allahabad), Mohammad Abu Bakar (23, Bahraich), Mohammad The arrested terrorists are identified as Amir Javed (31, Lucknow). It has been alleged that the bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a police recruiting center.

Pakistan’s innings thwarted: ISI’s involvement in training of arrested terrorists exposed

David Connection!

The ISI had planned to carry out the attacks by holding Dawood’s brother Anish Ibrahim by the hand. For this, weapons, explosives and grenades were to be delivered to different places. It is learned that Osama bin Laden and Zeeshan had received training in Pakistan and were receiving instructions from the ISI. He was asked to patrol some places in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh to carry out the blast. One of these terrorists, Jan Mohammad Ali Sheikh, a resident of Mumbai, was also said to have practiced Reiki in a Mumbai local. However, the claim was later rejected by the Maharashtra ATS.

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