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Inhumane sexual abuse of women in Sakinaka area; The victim died during treatment

Mumbai: An incident that numbed Mumbai in the atmosphere of Ain Ganeshotsav took place in Sakinaka area on Friday morning. A 34-year-old woman was sexually assaulted by a tempo driver. The woman died during treatment on Saturday. Police have arrested the accused.

Accused Mohan Chauhan, a resident of Andheri Sakinaka area, recalled the brutality of the 2012 Nirbhaya gang-rape incident which had created unrest across the country due to sexual harassment of the victim. The accused inflicted severe injuries on the victim’s genitals. So she was unconscious. She died at the hospital while undergoing treatment. Police have set up a special squad to probe the matter.

The victim was living in Khairani Road area of ​​Sakinaka area. Accused Mohan, who is a tempo driver, works as a garbage collector in the same area when there is no work. He also lives on the sidewalk or in the tempo in the same area. A security guard at a warehouse in the area reported to police that a woman had been beaten by someone on Friday morning. Sakinaka police arrived at the scene within 10 minutes and found the woman in critical condition in a nearby vehicle. Police admitted her to Rajawadi Hospital. The accused was then traced with the help of CCTV footage. The accused was taken into custody in front of the Jungleshwar temple in the area on Friday afternoon. He was fleeing to his hometown of Johanpur in Uttar Pradesh, police said. Meanwhile, the accused has been remanded in police custody till September 21. If the victim’s body j. J. The dissection was performed at the hospital.

Inquiry of accused’s relatives

The victim’s condition was critical and police could not record her response. Therefore, the police could not get any information about the exact incident. Accused Mohan’s brother lives in Mumbai. Since Mohan is addicted to alcohol, he does not give him shelter. Mohan’s relatives are also being questioned in the case, police said.

Special Squad

Police have registered a case of rape and murder in the case. A special investigation team has been set up under the leadership of Assistant Commissioner of Police Jyotsna Rasam. The chargesheet will be filed after completing the investigation expeditiously, said Commissioner of Police Hemant Nagarale.

Police readiness.

The condition of the victim was critical. She needed immediate treatment. It was dangerous to keep the woman there until the ambulance arrived. So the police constable from Sakinaka police station took the key of the tempo from the security guard of the company there. It was this police officer who drove the tempo and admitted the victim to the hospital.

What happened

Tempo driver Mohan Chauhan beat up a woman living on Sakinaka Khairani Road.

‘She was then taken to Tempot and sexually assaulted. Police said she was beaten with an iron knife on her genitals.

‘Initially, there was a possibility of gang rape. But later it became clear that the same accused had committed the crime.

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