Mumbai terror arrest case: “Jan Mohammad never did Reiki in Mumbai”, important revelation of ATS!

After the arrest of Jan Mohammad Ali Mohammad Sheikh, a resident of Mumbai’s Dharavi area, by the Delhi Police, a big commotion broke out in the state’s political circles. Opposition groups called for a boycott of the assembly. While asking this question, now the ATS chief himself has taken a press conference and given detailed information about it. In it, he has revealed that Jan Mohammad Sheikh has been associated with Dawood Gang for 20 years. A total of six people have been arrested by the Delhi Police, including Jan Mohammad Sheikh, a resident of Mumbai’s Dharavi area. Therefore, question marks are also being raised on the investigative machinery in the state. Additional Director General of ATS Vineet Agarwal has given important information in this regard.

On the 9th, Jan Mohammad planned to go to Delhi

“Delhi Police have arrested six people. One of them is a resident of Dharavi. His name is Jan Mohammad Ali Mohammad Sheikh. It has a very old criminal background. He has a history of having links with Dawood’s gang in Pakistan. However, we did not know about this case. This information was given to the Delhi Police by the central agencies. On the 9th he planned to go to Delhi. He also transferred money on the 10th. But his ticket was not confirmed. Then on the 13th he bought a waiting ticket for the Golden Temple Express train. His ticket was confirmed by evening. He left by train alone. When the train reached Kota, he was arrested, ”the ATS said.

There is no Reiki in Mumbai

“Reiki has not been done in Mumbai. Reiki will be done in Mumbai, he said in a press conference. A man trained in Pakistan came and did Reiki, the matter is completely wrong. He was arrested just as he was traveling by train. Delhi Police and we will take all the action together, “said Vineet Agarwal. “Jan Mohammad was in debt. He had previously worked as a driver. She quit her job. He then borrowed a taxi. Unable to pay his dues, the bankers picked up a taxi. He then bought a two-wheeler on credit again. So he needed money. That is probably why he was approached for the job, Delhi Police said in a press conference, “said Vineet Agarwal.

“He did not have any explosives or weapons. All the information is with the Delhi Police. One of our team is going to Delhi this evening. Jan will interrogate Mohammed. There will be an exchange of information between the Delhi Police and us, ”Agarwal said.

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