Mumbaikar woman donates land worth Rs 120 crore to Tata Memorial Hospital

There is a lot of positive news from Mumbai. A Mumbai woman has donated land worth Rs 120 crore to Tata Memorial Hospital. The woman has donated the space to the hospital to start a chemo center. The land, which is just 400 meters away from the existing Tata Hospital, will now be very useful for the hospital. In addition, Rs 18 crore has been collected from 18 other donors for the construction of Tata Hospital’s chemo center.

Tata Memorial Hospital is the largest hospital in the country treating cancer patients. Therefore, many patients and their relatives come here from all over the country. The large number of patients definitely puts a huge strain on the hospital system. One of the most important issues is the new chemotherapy center. This is because Deepika Mundle, 61, of Mumbai, has donated 30,000 square feet of her ancestral land worth about Rs 120 crore to Tata Hospital.

19 Mumbaikars donated

Along with 18 other donors, a total of 19 Mumbaikars have now donated to Tata Hospital. This is definitely a very positive thing. At present the hospital has 100 beds for chemotherapy. However, chemotherapy is given to about 500 patients every day. However, due to the high number of patients, patients have to wait for 30 days for chemotherapy. Meanwhile, with the construction of this new chemotherapy center, it is expected that this stress will be reduced to a relatively large extent and more patients will be able to get treatment.

Establishment of Tata Memorial Hospital

Meherbai Tata died of leukemia in 1932. Her husband Dorabji Tata then wanted to build a hospital in India similar to the one where his wife was treated. Later, after the death of Dorabji Tata, his successor Noroji Saklatwala tried to fulfill his wish. Finally, with the support of JRD Tata, a seven-storey building of the Tata Memorial Hospital was erected on February 28, 1941 in the Parel area of ​​Mumbai.

As the largest hospital in the country treating cancer patients, the Tata Memorial Hospital attracts a large number of patients from all over the country. According to information, this hospital treats about one third of the total cancer patients in the country. Not only this, 60% of the patients who come to this hospital for first aid are treated free of cost.

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