Municipal inspection of old buildings; Municipal Corporation’s decision due to evasion from housing complexes | Municipal inspection old buildings municipality avoided housing complexes ysh 95

Navi Mumbai: After the Jummy Park building accident at Nerul, the municipal administration has now decided to inspect the structure of 30-year-old buildings in the city. Municipal Commissioner Abhijeet Bangar said that the Municipal Corporation has taken the initiative for this as the structure of these buildings should be inspected.

Every year Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation requests to submit a report after conducting structural inspection of old buildings, but this is turned away by the housing complexes. Therefore, slab collapses occur in the rainy season. Therefore, the municipality has asked CIDCO for information about 30 year old buildings in the city.

The issue of reconstruction of many dangerous buildings constructed by CIDCO in Navi Mumbai has been lingering for years. There are 30 year old CIDCO buildings in Vashi, Nerul etc. However, some of the buildings are out of date and dilapidated. Redevelopment of many buildings is stalled due to lack of transit camps. It is difficult to live in a dangerous building, but even then, citizens are living in dangerous buildings.

For years, the corporation has been calling for structural inspections of buildings in the city. But many buildings are neglecting structural inspections. Therefore, Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation CIDCO itself will take information of 30 year old buildings in the city and their structural inspection will be done.

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