#National_Unemployment_Day in the hashtag discussion; Opponents say on Modi’s birthday, “Modi is the Prime Minister who makes the youth unemployed”

Youth Congress is celebrating Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 71st birthday as National Unemployment Day. The Congress and its supporters had been calling for the celebration of September 17 as National Unemployment Day since Thursday. The result is being seen today on the occasion of Modi’s birthday and around 1.5 lakh tweets have been sent on the hashtag #National_Unemployment_Day till 8 am. On the occasion of Modi’s birthday, the BJP has launched a 21-day service and dedication campaign to oppose it. The second wave of Corona in the period will try to change the negative atmosphere created by the government and the party. On the other hand, the Congress is trying to bring up an issue like unemployment on the occasion of Modi’s birthday.

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“Rising unemployment has put a strain on millions of young people. The Indian Youth Congress will celebrate Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday as National Unemployment Day, ”the Youth Congress announced. The Congress has alleged that 32 lakh salaried people have lost their jobs during the Corona period and Modi’s rich friends are getting richer. “Now that pakodanomics is over, the youth here really need jobs,” said Tolahi Youth Congress.

Youth Congress national president Srinivas Beevi took to Twitter to call today the National Unemployment Day, tweeting, “September 17 is National Unemployment Day.

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A statement issued by the Youth Congress claimed that the unemployment rate has risen from 2.4 to 10.3.






The hashtag Jumla Diwas is also being discussed on Twitter today.

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