New chairs in the dental college for chimpanzees

Convenient to treat more patients at once

Mumbai: The idea that a doctor will treat something on the teeth also frightens children. Overcoming these fears in the minds of the children, 20 new pieces of attractive color scheme decorated with various soft toys have been admitted to the Government Dental College and Hospital in the vicinity of St. George’s Hospital. So now it will be convenient for doctors to treat more and more children.

The Government Dental College located in the premises of St. George’s Hospital near Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus and the Independent Pediatric Dentistry Department of the hospital have been functioning for the last several years. So here from Wadia Hospital to J.P. J. Children are sent for dental treatment from many hospitals like Hospital, GT. About 150 children come here every day for treatment.

‘Children have the same dental problems as adults. Children come for treatment with many complaints. Some of these have become unusable as the wreckage in the hospital is many years old. We’ve been asking for new wrinkles for the last few years. In the end, the government allowed 20 khuchras and these khuchras have been admitted to the hospital, ‘said the dean of the government dental college, Dr. Dimple Padave said.

The chair is an important tool in dental treatment. Both postgraduate and graduate students are studying in the department. As a result, both students were short of money to learn. The children also had to wait a long time. The new wrinkles will not inconvenience them either. It also includes three gas anesthetics to keep babies out of pain while treating them. The updated director of this updated department, Dr. It was done by Dilip Mhaisekar on Thursday.

History of dentistry in pictorial form

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