New measures for covid prevention by Biden

US President Joe Biden has accused US President Joe Biden of not allowing vaccinated people to get rid of the corona. In the United States, the coroner’s disease is still rampant, and Biden is pushing for millions of workers to be vaccinated. “We have a large number of vaccinations in the country,” the Biden administration said. About 25 per cent of the country’s 80 million people have not been vaccinated. This can put others at risk. The United States was hit hardest by the Corona. According to Johns Hopkins University, there are still 151,500 patients a day, the same number as in January. Every day in the United States, 1,500 people die from the corona. “We need to think about how to reverse the Covid 19 disease,” Biden said, adding that more than 80 million people have not yet been vaccinated. Basically vaccination is safe while they have avoided vaccination. He said the country would be corona-free in the summer, adding that Delta virus patients were on the rise. There are 2.1 million contract workers in the United States and they have been asked to get vaccinated. Industries have been asked to vaccinate 100 per cent of their employees.

Efforts are underway to get more people vaccinated. For this, a six-point program has been drawn up and the economy is also being strengthened. Federal employees should be vaccinated. It is important to do regular tests. – Joe Biden


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