No foreign tour for 600 days, talk on the phone and suddenly गंभीर Chinese President has a serious illness?

Chinese President Xi Jinping is 68 years old and his health is being discussed in world political circles.

Discussions on the health of Chinese President Xi Jinping are in full swing. The main reason behind the discussion is the declining number of Jinping’s visits abroad. It is claimed that Jinping is not in a position to meet any of the leaders at the moment. However, differences of opinion remain over the nature of Jinping’s whereabouts.

No foreign tour in 600 days

According to media reports, Chinese President Jinping has not paid a single foreign visit in the last 600 days. He made his last foreign tour in January 2020. At the time, Jinping was on a tour of Myanmar. Jinping did not go on a foreign tour after the visit. He had visited Tibet a few weeks ago. This was the first visit to Tibet by a Chinese president. According to Chinese media, his visit to Tibet cannot be called a foreign tour as China is claiming Tibet. Jinping is 68 years old.

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Avoid appointments

According to US Today, Jinping is currently seen avoiding visits to leaders of any other countries. Jinping does not even meet with foreign leaders who are currently in China for various reasons. Originally, China did not host Jinping’s visit, but avoided it. No matter which country’s leader comes, it is seen that he is going to other cities except the capital Beijing. As a result, the leaders do not meet with Jinping, as the tour is in another city. Foreign leaders are seen visiting Foreign Minister Wang Yi in China if necessary.

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Those things are under discussion during the 2019 tour

Jinping’s March 2019 tour of Italy, Monaco and France are mentioned. During the guard of honor given to Jinping at this time, it was seen that he was not walking properly, he was having trouble walking. The cameras also showed that he was having a hard time sitting in a chair while discussing with the President of France. The American media reports that Jinping supported himself while sitting on a chair.

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Virtual attendance at meetings.

According to media reports, Jinping communicates with as many leaders as possible because of health problems. A total of 60 presidents, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron, have spoken by phone in recent times. President Jinping has attended many events through virtual media. The BRICS summit was held on September 9, 2021. He also attended the meeting digitally instead of attending.

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Doubts over a recent speech

Jinping also arrived too late for the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. He also spoke in a relatively small voice and very slowly, rather than with the usual enthusiasm. His coughing and frequent drinking during the speech has sparked discussions about his condition. Not only that, in the last few weeks, China has announced the cancellation of three important meetings with Jinping, the US Secretary of State, the Prime Minister of Singapore and the Dutch Prime Minister, without any concrete reason. Against this backdrop, different arguments are being made about Jinping’s nature. Didn’t Jinping have a serious illness? Is China hiding information about Jinping’s health? What exactly happened to Jinping? These and many other issues are currently being discussed in global political circles. But all these rumors are claimed by the Chinese media. However, there has been no foreign tour for the past 600 days.


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