“No one will speak against Sonia Gandhi, but the party,” said Shashi Tharoor.

Senior party leader Shashi Tharoor has said that the Congress needs a full-time president. He also said that more energy needs to be created in the organizational structure of the party. Speaking to Reporters Today, Thashi said that if Rahul Gandhi wants to become the next president, he needs to take a decision soon.

“We all love Sonia Gandhi’s leadership. Many have called for a permanent president. There has been no permanent president for us for the last two years. We need to create more energy in the organizational structure of the party. We all want the Congress to have a working president. No one will speak against Sonia Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi has led us all in the right direction. But now he too has expressed his desire to step down, ”said Shashi Tharoor.

This time, if Shashi Tharoor wants Rahul Gandhi to take over the leadership of the party again, then it should be done as soon as possible, he said. “After Sonia Gandhi resigned, we saw a new leadership emerging in the form of Rahul Gandhi. But if he wants to take the lead again, it should be done soon, ”said Shashi Tharoor.

Speaking further, he said, “The Congress party is currently working hard with the goal of forming a government at the Center in 2024. For this, the senior leaders of the party have come up with a strategy. If there is no change in what has happened so far, then I see no reason for voters to change their minds. ”

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