North Korea tests missile from train; The United Nations said यामुळे

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is constantly conducting missile tests. Rising missile tests in North Korea have raised world concerns. North Korea for the first time tested a ballistic missile with a missile system built on the railway. The United Nations Security Council has expressed concern. “Such missile tests pose a threat to peace and security. This is a violation of the Security Council resolution, “said Nicolas Rivers, France’s ambassador to the United Nations. North Korea, on the other hand, claims the test was successful. The missile has a range of up to 800 km. North Korea had targeted a maritime area. The missile was intended to test a railway-based missile system, North Korea’s Central News Agency reported. It has been clarified that this is not intended to give any kind of warning.

South Korea test-fired a submarine launch ballistic missile on Wednesday. It is the first country to develop a system without nuclear weapons. So the arms race in North Korea and South Korea is growing rapidly. Both countries are testing new weapons as well as high-capacity missiles. North Korea also tested a new long-range missile on Sunday. This missile can hit up to 1500 km. At this stage North Korea could target most of Japan.

“We are concerned about North Korea’s missile launch. We will work with the United States and South Korea to monitor this, “said Katsunobu Kato, Japan’s chief cabinet secretary.

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