“Not for money but”; Detailed revelation of arrested terrorists for going to Pakistan for terrorist training

A special squad of Delhi Police and the Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terrorism Squad arrested six people on Tuesday for their alleged involvement in Pakistan-sponsored terrorist activities. The four suspected terrorists arrested by the Delhi Police were produced before a Delhi judge’s house after midnight and were remanded in police custody for 14 days. Jan Mohammad Sheikh (47, Maharashtra), Osama alias Sami (22, Jamianagar), Moolchand alias Saju (47, Rae Bareli), Zeeshan Kamar (28, Allahabad), Mohammad Abu Bakar (23, Bahraich), Mohammad Amir Javed (31) Lucknow) The six have been arrested, said Delhi Special Commissioner of Police Neeraj Thakur. Zeeshan and Osama were produced in court on Wednesday. According to the information given by the sources of the special squad, both the accused have made a big revelation, News 18 has reported. Sixteen Bengali-speaking youths and some young trainees from Pakistan are hiding in West Bengal. They also said that they participated in the terrorist act not for money but for jihad and went for training in Pakistan.

Uttar Pradesh election probe begins

Six people have been arrested in India for carrying out terrorist attacks during the festive season. It has been revealed that two of them were trained by Pakistan’s ISI. The ISI had planned to carry out attacks on Dawood Ibrahim’s accomplices during the festive season in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra, police officials said. The arrested alleged terrorists have revealed that they intended to carry out attacks in crowded places. The terrorists also said that they had done Reiki in many places. This includes crowded places in Mumbai, trains and large temples as well as large grounds in many cities in Uttar Pradesh. Election campaigns are likely to take place in these large grounds. Investigators are also investigating whether he had any intention of causing havoc during the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections.

Salute to the same person

According to Special Forces sources, the terrorists Zeeshan and Osama have confessed to the crime that they were not tempted by money. They both made the shocking revelation that we had gone to Pakistan for jihad and had been trained for terrorist activities. The duo also said that during the training period, their accommodation was arranged at a farm house. There were many people in this place wearing fake army uniforms. However, the duo also said that a man in plain clothes had left the army. They also said that everyone else was saluting the person in plain clothes. The officers, dressed in Pakistani army uniforms, were from the lowest echelons of the ISI. That is why no one was saluting them even though they were in uniform, they said.

What things were taught?

We were also trained to open and operate AK-47 rifles. Chinese pistols were also trained. The terrorists were also given training on how and where to plant IEDs. The youngsters were also taught how to escape if someone catches them while doing Reiki, injuring them with a small weapon. The youths were also given training on how to kill someone without using any weapon if they are caught red handed and how to escape from a hotel or other place if someone is chasing them in a crowded place.

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