Omecron clusters at the stage of infection; Warning in Insakog’s report

Warning in Insakog’s report

The country is in the midst of a mass outbreak of the coronavirus mutation virus corona omecron and the number of patients is increasing rapidly in many metros, according to INSACOG.

A report released by InsaCog on Sunday states that Omaicron’s accomplice was killed. Most patients with Omycron have no symptoms or mild symptoms, but there is currently an increase in the number of patients admitted to the hospital and intensive care unit. Therefore, the threat remains, the report said. The report also said that a number of patients with BA2 subtype of high-risk omecron have been found in the country.

Omycron is now at the stage of mass infection and is prevalent in many metropolitan areas where the incidence of infection is increasing rapidly. The number of patients with BA2 subtype of Omaicron is increasing significantly in the country. However, since the RTPCR test did not detect one of the three genes in the virus (S-gene drop out), the results are likely to be negative, the report said. Observed the most recently discovered subtype of Omycron ‘B.1.640.2’

Is going. Although there is no evidence that it spreads rapidly and has the potential to boost the immune system, it is not a major concern at the moment. So far, no such patient has been found in India, Insakog said.

Omaicron is now in the stage of mass infection in the country and its influence is greater in Delhi and Mumbai, Insakog had said in its January 3 report. The report was released on Sunday.

The spread of omecron in India will no longer be through foreign travelers, but through internal infections, and INSACOG is developing a revised policy to monitor genetic sequencing in the face of rapidly changing conditions of viral infection.

The third wave peaks in the next fortnight

New Delhi: India’s R-Value for Coronavirus Infection

From January 14 to 21, it dropped further to 1.57 this week. According to preliminary analysis, the third wave will reach its climax in the next fortnight. The ‘R-value’ indicates how many people an infected person can spread the infection to. If this value goes below 1, the association is expected to end soon.

In Mumbai, the proportion is 88 percent

According to genetic sequencing, 88 per cent of coronavirus patients in Mumbai are from omecron, so it is clear that omecron contamination has already taken place in Mumbai. Oops

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