On the radar of the artificial lake coordination committee

Decision to submit a report to the municipality regarding the condition

Nilesh Adsul
Mumbai: Despite the demand to open natural water sources for immersion of Ganesh idols, like last year, this year also the municipality has constructed artificial lakes for immersion. The Brihanmumbai Public Ganeshotsav Coordinating Committee will look after the planning, arrangement and method of immersion on these lakes. A report will be prepared and submitted to the municipality.

Last year, many immersion sites were in poor condition. In some places the idol was desecrated during the immersion. The enraged devotees had lodged a complaint with the committee against the artificial lake. To prevent this from happening this year, the committee officials will keep an eye on the artificial lakes. Considering the risk of corona infection, the Mumbai Municipal Corporation last year set up a large number of artificial lakes to prevent overflowing of natural water sources for immersion. But in some lakes there were no lights, where there was no manpower, in some places the idols were being defaced during immersion and in some places the idols were being set aside by temporary immersion. This scene created an atmosphere of great dissatisfaction among the devotees. To bring this matter to the notice of the municipality, the devotees lodged a complaint with the Coordinating Committee.

Taking note of these complaints, the committee coordinated with the municipality for permission for immersion in natural water resources this year. But as the municipality has already started the preparation of artificial lakes, the committee was cured.

The committee did not intervene as the decision was taken by the municipality. But the committee will look at the planning, arrangement and method of immersion of artificial ponds. The departmental members of the committee will inspect the artificial lakes in their respective departments. At this time, these members will cooperate with the employees of the corporation, and if any condition is found, it will be mentioned and its report will be submitted to the corporation.

Demand for natural water resources has not been met this year. But even the lax management of artificial lakes will not be carried out. Ganeshmurti should be immersed by the contractor of the municipality in such a way that the feelings of the devotees will not be hurt. That is why we are going to give this year’s immersion report to the municipality. Ganesh Mandals can carry out the responsibility of immersion to the best of their ability, and they will also be financed. In this regard, the mandals should be given contracts for artificial ponds next year.

– Naresh Dahibawkar, Chairman, Greater Mumbai Public Ganeshotsav Coordinating Committee

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