Online registration of new houses in BDD

Facilities at the project site for 5 thousand 593 families; Computer Procedure from Registration and Stamp Department

Mumbai: MHADA’s Mumbai Board has decided to register 15 thousand 593 rehabilitated houses to be constructed under the BDD Chawl Redevelopment Project online. Accordingly, the Department of Registration and Stamp Duty has provided a computer system for online registration of houses in this project which has been accorded the status of a special project. In the next few days, the process of registering the houses along with the slides in the online transition camp at the project site will be started so that the residents will no longer have to go anywhere.

Naigaon, no. M. BDD plots in Joshi and Worli are being redeveloped by Mumbai Mandal. No. A large number of residents from M. Joshi and Naigaon will be shifted to transit camps. The number of such residents in Worli is low. These residents will be given a contract before moving to a transit camp, which will include a guarantee of rehabilitated houses, including those in transit camps. The BDD residents demanded that the houses should be registered and a stamp duty of Rs. With the state government agreeing to all these demands, the process of awarding contracts to the residents will now be expedited.

The number of rehabilitated houses in BDD is over 15,000. Therefore, in order to make the registration of these houses easier and faster, it has been decided to register online, said Yogesh Mhase, Chief Officer, Mumbai Board. The Department of Registration and Stamp Duty has decided to register the houses (first sale houses) in the Maharashtra registered project online from October 1. A special computer system has been developed for this. Online registration facility will not be available immediately for redeveloped rehabilitated houses. However, it is the decision of the Registration and Stamp Duty Department to provide online registration facility to large and special projects. Accordingly, the BDD project is a large, ambitious and specialized project. Therefore, the Department of Registration and Stamp Duty has given the green light for online registration of houses in this project. Shravan Hardikar, Inspector General and Controller of Stamp Duties, confirmed this and said that a computer system has been provided to MHADA.

A stamp duty of Rs.1000 will be levied for rehabilitated houses in BDD. After the ordinance is issued, the next process will be completed and online registration of houses will be started, Mhase said. No. M. 272 houses in the rehabilitated building at Joshi Marg have been evacuated. Therefore, in the first phase, these 272 houses will be registered online. After that, the houses will be registered in phases as per the eligibility confirmation.


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