Order of a curfew in Mumbai to avoid crowds during Ganeshotsav

Offense if the rules are violated

Mumbai: Considering the danger of increasing number of corona patients, Mumbai Police has imposed curfew in the city to avoid crowds during Ganeshotsav. Accordingly, the police have banned more than five people from assembling in public places and the restrictions have been imposed from September 10 to 19. Violators of these rules will be prosecuted.

The number of Corona patients in the state is on the rise. Considering the crowds in public places during Ganeshotsav, there is a fear that the corona will spread rapidly. Therefore, restrictions have been imposed to avoid congestion. Mumbai Police on Thursday issued a circular imposing a 144 curfew in the city. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. Violators of the order will be charged with violating government orders and offenses under various sections, police spokesperson Chaitanya S. said. Have given.

In a government order issued by the state government on Wednesday, it was prohibited to pay obeisance to Ganesh idols or come to the Mandal. Circles are only allowed online by the government. Accordingly, the Mumbai Police has also tightened the restrictions and no more than 5 people can come together for Ganesha Aarti. Besides, only 10 people have been allowed to immerse Ganesha. Police have ordered that only activists who have taken both doses of corona vaccine should stay near Ganesh idols or participate in the programs.

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