Order to submit documents approving phone tapping

Demand of IPS officer Rashmi Shukla

Mumbai: Permission has been sought from time to time to record the phone conversations of brokers and politicians and an order should be submitted to the then Additional Chief Secretary of the Home Department Sitaram Kunte to submit the sanction documents, senior police official Rashmi Shukla has asked the High Court.

In his affidavit, Rashmi Shukla refuted Kunte’s claim that he had sought permission to record phone tapping by allegedly misappropriating and misleading police personnel.

Shukla has filed a petition in the High Court seeking quashing of the case filed by the Mumbai Police Cyber ​​Department in connection with the disclosure of confidential and sensitive information. Shukla’s name was not included in the case filed by the police and he could not seek quashing of the case. However, the state government had claimed in an affidavit that the phone tapping was done without Shukla’s permission to quash the case. Shukla recently filed a reply to the state government’s affidavit. In it, we have never said that they are withdrawing the report submitted on August 26, 2020 on phone tapping.

What is Shukla’s claim?

The state government is relying on the report submitted by Kunte. According to the report, no police transfers took place between June 27 and September 1, 2020. Therefore, there was no need to act on Shukla’s report. But the state government is creating a wrong picture before the court by claiming this. Instead, changes were made as per the schedule after you submitted the report. Investigations into the disclosure of confidential information revealed that politicians and senior police officers were committing serious crimes. Therefore, the CBI needs to investigate whether the investigation into the disclosure of confidential information is a sincere attempt or an attempt to take action against an officer like you who is fearlessly performing his duty.

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