Ordering meals from Swiggy-Zomato will now be expensive; Government takes ‘yes’ decision

Ordering meals from online food delivery apps is expected to become more expensive in the coming days. This will be discussed at the GST Council meeting. Committee members have recommended bringing food delivery apps under GST. So ordering meals online is going to be expensive.

The GST Council meeting will be held in Lucknow on Friday. Due to the current system, the government is being told that it is losing Rs 2,000 crore in terms of taxes. The GST Council Committee said that food delivery apps should also be included in the e-commerce sector.

The Goods and Services Tax Council will meet on September 17. The meeting was attended by Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman as well as Finance Ministers of all the states. The conference will be held in Lucknow on Friday. The previous meeting was held on June 12 through video conferencing.

The meeting will discuss a number of important issues. It is learned that the meeting will also discuss the inclusion of petrol and diesel in the GST. There will also be a discussion on the cost of literature related to the Corona epidemic.

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