Other projects will not be allowed to start till Mumbai-Goa highway is completed!

Although the work of four-laning of Mumbai-Goa highway has been reversed for ten years, it has not been completed yet.

The High Court warned the state government
Mumbai: The High Court on Monday warned the state government that it would not allow any other development project to start till the four-laning of the Mumbai-Goa highway was delayed for so many years.

Although the work of four-laning of Mumbai-Goa highway has been reversed for ten years, it has not been completed yet. Meanwhile, the petitioner Adv. Owais Pechkar pointed it out to the court. Outraged, the court took the state government to task. He also warned that the government would not be allowed to start other development projects until the Mumbai-Goa highway, which has been stalled for the last ten years, was completed. A bench of Chief Justice Dipankar Datta and Justice Girish Kulkarni also directed the people to take advantage of the project first.

The court also directed the government to complete the project as soon as possible, including a progress report on the completion of the Mumbai-Goa highway.

The project will be delayed for a quarter of a year

The MEP Sanjos Company has not done any work on the Aravali to Kante Patta highway. As a result, the company’s contract was canceled, the government said. He also said that the tender process for the new contractor would be started and the new company would be given a deadline of December 2022 to complete the work. ‘Fill the pits in three weeks’

The petitioners pointed out to the court that the condition of the highway from Parshuram Ghat to Aravali was deplorable due to potholes. Advocate General Ashutosh Kumbakoni, on behalf of the government, claimed that the work of filling the pits could not be done properly due to rains. The Mumbai-Goa highway has been paved with potholes during the rainy season. Therefore, the court directed the government to complete the work of filling the potholes within three weeks to prevent accidents on the highway. The court also clarified that the petitioner should look into whether the order has been complied with and inform the court about it.

The issue of pits has been ‘as is’ since 1996.

Justice R. M. Lodha first took notice of the pit problem in 1996 and directed the state government and other agencies to look into the matter. Today we are in 2021. But the situation has not changed. The court also questioned why certain types of technology are not used to fill the pits. If the government adopts a policy on the technology suggested by the committee appointed by the High Court, the technology will be used for all municipal roads and national and state highways. Moreover, it will provide better condition of roads to the citizens.


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