Our alliance with Owaisi’s MIM – Prakash Ambedkar

Feet from the space allocation gap

With the Assembly elections looming, the disenfranchised Bahujan Front and MIM are split. MIM’s Maharashtra state president MP Imtiaz Jalil made the same announcement. On this, the leader of the deprived Bahujan Aghadi, Prakash Ambedkar, has clarified that the alliance with MIM is permanent. “Our alliance with MIM is not with the Maharashtra leader, but with Owaisi. The alliance is still going on till Owaisi says “, informed Ambedkar.

The disenfranchised Bahujan Alliance, which has been the talk of the state’s political scene for some time, has split over the distribution of seats. MIM decided to pull out of the deprived front as the seat-sharing issue was not resolved. “The alliance is breaking up as 8 out of 288 seats are being vacated for MIM,” said MIM’s Maharashtra state president MP Imtiaz Jalil. Also, “I cannot take a big decision to break the alliance with the deprived without the permission of party president Asaduddin Owaisi. This decision has been taken by the party president Owaisi, “said Jalil. After Jalil’s announcement, Prakash Ambedkar, the leader of the deprived Bahujan Alliance, has made it clear that the alliance is permanent.

Ambedkar said, “Our alliance is not with the leaders of Maharashtra. So it has been with Owesi. His men came to us from Hyderabad and now they have sent messages to Owaisi, ”said Prakash Ambedkar. In the Lok Sabha elections, the deprived Bahujan Alliance had got good votes by pushing the Congress-NCP. Therefore, all eyes were on the miracle of the deprived front in the forthcoming assembly elections. After Prakash Ambedkar’s explanation, the confusion between the alliance between MIM and the deprived Bahujan Alliance has increased.

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