Our objection to India’s vaccine certificate, not Covishield; Britain’s opposition continues

England have changed their travel policy and approved the Covishield vaccine. But Indians who are still vaccinated will have to be quarantined. England has objected to the corona vaccine certificate. England has said that vaccine certification is our main problem, not the Covishield vaccine given in India. Discussions are underway with India to get the vaccine certified.

According to England’s new policy, “the vaccines Astrazenica covischild, Astrazenica vaxirvia and Madorna tecida have been approved.” However, in a statement issued here on Monday, the High Commissioner said that discussions were underway with India to get the corona vaccine approved. We also have no objection to Kovishield’s application of quarantine rules to those who have brought two doses of vaccine to India, but England has made it clear that they have objections to the post-vaccination certificate issued in India. However, it has been clarified that discussions are underway with Indian officials in this regard.

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Foreign Secretary Harshvardhan Sringala had on Monday said that the decision of the British government to segregate and not approve the vaccination of those who had brought the Covishield vaccine from India was a step in the right direction. The decision will be unfavorable for citizens traveling from India to the UK, Shringala said.

Opposition is coming from India

The British government has decided not to allow vaccinations for vaccinators from India, Africa, South America and some other countries. Therefore, these people will have to stay in isolation for ten days after moving to the UK and will also have to undergo RT PCR testing. On Monday, Congress leaders Shashi Tharoor and Jairam Ramesh had criticized the British government’s decision.

This type of racism

Rajya Sabha MP Jairam Ramesh said the decision by the British government was regrettable and that the Covishield vaccine was originally developed in Britain. Its production is being done by the Serum Institute in Pune, so the UK is denying recognition to the vaccine they made. This is a form of racism. Has said.

What are the controversial rules?

Other travelers, including Indians who have not been vaccinated and who do not have such certificates, are considered unvaccinated as per the international travel rules of England. Such passengers are required to undergo pre-travel tests, PCR tests on the second and eighth day of arrival in England, and self-segregation at the address provided up to 10 days after admission.

Issue raised by Jaishankar

The issue of segregation of people who came to the UK after receiving the Covishield vaccine in India was raised by Foreign Minister S.K. Jaishankar attended a discussion with his counterpart Elizabeth Truss. Jaishankar said that he had met the British Foreign Secretary and discussed the program plan till 2030.


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