Pakistan: Emergency in Punjab due to increasing incidents of rape

A state of emergency has been declared in Pakistan’s Punjab province in the wake of rising sexual abuse of women and children. This has been reported by the media in Pakistan.

Punjab Home Minister Atta Tarar has given detailed information about this. An emergency has been declared here due to the rising incidence of rape, Tarar said. “Four to five rapes are happening every day in Punjab. That is why the government says that special measures need to be taken to stop these incidents of sexual harassment, ”said Tarar.

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The incidents will also be reviewed by a committee comprising ministers, including the Anti-Rape and Law and Order Committee. Minister Atta Tarar said that help would also be sought from teachers, lawyers and human rights organizations to stop such incidents.

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At this time, Tarar also appealed to the parents to inform their children about safety. “Parents need to teach their children the importance of safety. Also, young people should not be left alone at home. Several accused have been arrested so far in the anti-rape drive. Students will be made aware of sexual harassment in school, ”said Tarar.

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