Patients with myocardial infarction


Collector orders inspection of corona patients on oxygen

Jalna: Two private hospitals in Jalna have been diagnosed with mucorrhoea. Against this backdrop, District Collector and District Disaster Prevention Authority Chairman Ravindra Binwade has instructed the District Surgeons to check the samples of patients on oxygen for corona treatment at the District Government Hospital.

The district collector said that two private hospitals, Deepak Hospital and Jalna Critical Hospital in Jalna city, had found patients with mucorrhoea. Therefore, while undergoing corona treatment at the District Government Hospital, Jalna, the patients who are being supplied with oxygen are being diagnosed with myocardial infarction by taking samples. Jaya patients will be examined focusing on the symptoms of myocardial infarction.

The director of Deepak Hospital, Dr. Speaking to Loksatta, Sanjay Rakh said that patients with myocardial infarction have been found while undergoing corona treatment and also after corona release. Eight such patients have been identified in the last two weeks and are currently undergoing treatment at the hospital. It is observed that the disorder is increasing in corona patients due to uncontrolled diabetes and weakened immunity due to other reasons. This fungal disorder can affect the nose, eyes, jaw, etc. So the symptoms of mucormycosis appear. It needs to be properly diagnosed and treated. Even before the Corona wave, some patients with the disorder were found. The number of corona patients has increased and these patients are also being found in Jalna district.

Treatment is expensive

If the water concerned is not distilled while giving oxygen to the corona patient, it can affect the eyes, brain and other organs of the body. As soon as the symptoms of myocardial infarction appear, treatment should be started immediately. While awareness and diagnosis are important in this regard, medication is just as important. Therefore, it is important to take control at the government level to control the drug rates for this disorder. Medication in a private hospital is not affordable to these patients. The cost of vaccinating every day for seven days is beyond the reach of the average patient. Therefore, the idea of ​​bringing Mukarmycosis treatment under Mahatma Phule Janaarogya Yojana has come up.

– Rajesh Tope, Minister of Health.

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