Permission for elections of housing societies

With less than 250 members

MUMBAI: The government on Thursday lifted restrictions on elections for co-operative housing societies with 250 or fewer members, which have been stalled for the past three years due to election regulations and corona. Accordingly, the Department of Co-operation has ordered to start the elections of all the housing societies eligible for this election immediately.

Three years ago, the government had decided to give the right to hold elections of housing societies with 250 or less members to the concerned society instead of the Co-operative Election Authority. However, as the rules were not ready for it, the question of how to hold elections was raised before the co-operative societies.

In October 2019, the Department of Co-operation prepared rules regarding elections and invited public objections and suggestions. Housing organizations reported a large number of suggestions. Accordingly, the final rules were approved between February and March with several amendments to the original rules.

The election was postponed because of Corona. A few days back, the Co-operation Department had ordered to start elections for all the co-operative societies with more than 250 members. Since then, elections have been allowed for 70,000 to 75,000 housing societies with less than 250 members and an order has been issued in this regard.

These elections are to be held by the society itself and the member who does not want to contest the election can be appointed as the Returning Officer or the election can be held through the Returning Officer on the panel constituted by the Department of Co-operation.

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