… Petrol-diesel can be cheaper by Rs 20 to 25 – Devendra Fadnavis

“The true face of the Congress-NCP has been revealed today. If these parties oppose bringing petrol-diesel in GST, BJP will agitate. On the one hand, he said that petrol and diesel prices were going up and on the other hand, if the central government proposed to bring petrol and diesel under GST to bring down the prices, he would oppose it. This is a completely double role of the Congress-NCP, “said Devendra Fadnavis, Leader of the Opposition. He was speaking to the media after an event in Mumbai.

Criticizing the Congress-NCP, Devendra Fadnavis said that the central government had proposed to bring petrol and diesel under GST to bring a price in the country. This will make petrol and diesel cheaper by Rs 20 to Rs 25. So opposing this is the dual role of the Congress-NCP. Devendra Fadnavis has asked the Congress-NCP why he had taken a bicycle for a long time.

There were thorns on the side of Congress-NCP leaders

Former state finance minister and BJP leader Sudhir Mungantiwar had said in a press conference today that the Congress-NCP leaders were stung when they were told that petrol-diesel would be included in the GST. “As the Finance Minister, I wrote a letter to the effect that petrol-diesel should be included in the GST when I was the Finance Minister. Former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has also given a letter on behalf of the state that petrol-diesel should be brought under GST. If at the GST meeting, petrol-diesel was brought under the ambit of GST. Of course, the people of the country will get a big relief, but the people of the state which has the most expensive petrol-diesel in the country will also feel happy. “Because we can have a tax formula in GST, then it could be 28 per cent, or if we impose a cess on it tomorrow, it could be 32 per cent, and 50 per cent of it will go to the state exchequer.” Even so, Mungantiwar had said.

“The center should do the work of the center, but of the states”, Ajit Pawar clearly said!

The role of the NCP

Speaking to reporters here today, Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar said that there would be a dispute with the Central Government in this regard. Ajit Pawar has clarified the role of the state government in raising the issue of inclusion of taxes on petrol and diesel in the GST. “There is talk of imposing a single tax on petrol and diesel,” he said. But no one told us anything like that. If the Center takes a different stance on petrol and diesel, then some things may happen while expressing its views there. If there is an issue of reducing the power of the state government to impose taxes, then we will clearly state our position on it, ”said Ajit Pawar.

Congress-NCP leaders get thorns in the side when petrol-diesel will be included in GST – Mungantiwar

“Keep up the good work”

Meanwhile, Ajit Pawar said that the same system should be followed by the Center regarding tax system. “The center should do the work of the center. The Center should do the work of levying the Centre’s tax. But the rights of the states should not be attacked in any way. This right should not be diminished. The sections that give you income are taxed from stamp duty, excise duty and the highest GST. Therefore, we want to continue in the same manner as decided, ”he said.

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