Plastic wrappers recyclable by 2030


Mumbai: While steps are being taken in various fields for climate change, now the industrial sector is also moving towards environmental conservation. 27 companies have come together to properly manage the plastics used as coatings for various products in the industrial sector. By 2030, plans are afoot to make 100% of plastic wrappers reusable.

The event is jointly planned by the World Wide Fund for Nature India and the Confederation of Indian Industry. India generates 9.46 metric tons of plastic waste every year. Out of this, 40 per cent waste is collected. Half of the total waste generated is from plastic sheets in the industrial sector. Most of these plastics are disposable.

It will be learned which products are covered with unnecessary plastic wrap. Eliminate such sheets and encourage them to use sheets made of different materials instead or change the design of the sheets. 100% plastic wrap will be made recyclable. 50% of plastic sheets will be recycled.

So far 27 companies have participated in this initiative. These include well-known companies like Hindustan Unilever, Amazon, Coca-Cola. Participating companies will be given guidance on plastic management

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