PM criticizes opponents of Central Vista project

If the Defense Department’s office complexes had been said to be part of the Central Vista project, critics would have been exposed for ‘lying’ and ‘misinformation’. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday lashed out at opponents of the project, saying he had conveniently remained silent on the issue.

Modi inaugurated two multi-storey luxury office complexes at Kasturba Gandhi Marg and Africa Avenue for more than 7,000 employees of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces. He was speaking on the occasion. He expressed confidence that the work on the new parliament building would be completed on time.

Other opposition parties, including the Congress, have been criticizing the government, calling Central Vista’s ambitious project a “criminal waste” of resources. He also appealed to the government to divert the money spent on the project for the treatment of Corona Mahasathi.

Today, in the 75th year of our country’s independence, we are taking another step towards developing the country’s capital in line with the needs and aspirations of the new India. “These new defense office complexes will further strengthen our efforts to make our defense forces more efficient and effective,” he said.

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