Police Commissioner Nagarale orders to increase patrols

Mumbai: Police Commissioner Hemant Nagarale on Monday ordered to increase patrols for the safety of women and install lights in dark places and install CCTV there. The Commissioner of Police also directed to take preventive action against the accused in crimes related to women by preparing separate information.

Immediate action should be taken without ignoring the telephones related to women coming to the control room. Police stations should follow up with the concerned agencies for CCTV in dark places and secluded places as well as for lighting. The commissioner also said that a QR code should be put in place to increase patrols in such areas.

What exactly is an order?

Police patrol vehicles should be parked outside the railway stations from 10 pm to 7 am for the safety of women traveling alone in long distance trains. Women who come alone should be questioned and provided with a vehicle if they need it. The driver should ensure that the woman is safely transported to the desired destination. Officers on night patrols should visit outside the railway stations to ensure that no untoward incidents take place there. Police should arrest the suspects during the patrol and interrogate them.

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