Ponkshe’s letter to Gadekar; Will answer in seven days!

Debate at the Natya Parishad

Mumbai: The letter given by Naresh Gadekar to the media as the president of Akhil Bharatiya Marathi Natya Parishad is completely misleading and is against the interests of the council, said the acting chief of the council, actor Sharad Ponkshe.

On September 13, trustees Sharad Pawar and Shashi Prabhu had written a letter to Naresh Gadekar as chairman, stating that four of the seven trustees were vacant and the work was hampered.

After the letter, Prasad Kambli revealed that even though the members of the Board of Governors had elected Naresh Gadekar as the Chairman by going against the Chairman of the Council, Prasad Kambli, who is the Chairman, this Baba is still with the Charity Commissioner.

After that, Naresh Gadekar, as the President, gave a letter to the media on 14th September. Serious allegations were leveled against Chief Executive and President Prasad Kambli. The letter said that Sharad Ponkshe was acting outside the law and was misleading the trustees.

Sharad Ponkshe handed over a letter to Naresh Gadekar on September 16 while various issues of the council were coming to the fore in the last two days. “It will be pointed out in the next seven days that the text you have given in the letter is misleading and misleading,” Ponkshe warned. It also said that correspondence with the president in the absence of any legal order would be subject to criminal action. Copies of the letter were sent to trustees Sharad Pawar, Shashi Prabhu, Dr. Board members including Ravi Bapat and Executive Committee. Attempts to contact Naresh Gadekar in this regard could not be made.


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