Pornography Case: Shilpa Shetty reports to police; Said, “What does Raj do?”

– Anish Patil, Loksatta

Actress Shilpa Shetty has told the police that she does not know what Raj is doing as she is busy with work. The Mumbai Police Crime Branch had on Wednesday filed a 1467-page chargesheet against four persons, including actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband and industrialist Raj Kundra. Shilpa’s answer is in the chargesheet.

According to Shilpa’s testimony, Raj Kundra filed for “Vian Industries Ltd.” in 2015. Had started a company called. Shilpa Shetty owns 24.50% stake in the company. Shilpa was a director of the company from April 2015 to July 2020. She later testified that she resigned as director for personal reasons. She said she didn’t know anything about the Hotshot app and Bollywood fame. Shilpa said in her reply that she did not know what her husband Raj Kundra was doing as he was busy with work.

Kundra founded a company called Arms Prime Media in 2019 to produce and broadcast porn videos. Through this company, an application called Hotshots, which was created for broadcasting porn videos, was sold to a London-based Canerin company. But most of the work on this application was done through Kundra. Raj Kundra had invested money in creating this application. The crime branch has found evidence that Kundra was the mastermind behind the pornography case. Ryan John Michael Thorpe, the head of the information technology department for the obscene application, was also arrested by the property cell along with Kundra. A chargesheet has also been filed against him by the property branch of the crime branch. The chargesheet has been filed with the Additional Chief Magistrate, 37th Court.

Most of the investigations into the case have been completed and the rest of the money has been sought by the crime branch from foreign banks for money laundering. She is still pending.

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