Postponement of moratorium on sale of redeveloped flats

Expect transparency now that the reshuffle has taken place

Mumbai: The Housing Department has finally lifted the moratorium on the sale of flats in rehabilitated and redeveloped buildings in MHADA, which is in the grip of brokers and officials. So many residents on the master list waiting for the right house now have hope. The residents expressed the expectation that they will get the house as per the rules now as the officers involved in the process have also been transferred.

Once the old building is in disrepair, the occupants are relocated. Such residents are included in the master list. When such a building is constructed by MHADA itself, the flats in that building are reconstructed and when it is constructed by the developer, it is called redeveloped flat. When the concerned old building is renovated or redeveloped, the renovated flats are allotted to the concerned residents. Those whose building cannot be redeveloped or redeveloped are also included in the list and when additional flats in the renovated or redeveloped building are handed over to MHADA, such flats are allotted to such residents. But it was difficult for the residents to get the renovated or redeveloped flats in strategic places without brokers.

The flats in the redeveloped buildings at strategic places like Dadar, Paral, Lalbagh, Girgaon in South, South Central and Central Mumbai were getting through brokers. Brokers were charging an extra Rs 40 to 50 lakh per flat. Complaints in this regard had gone to Home Minister Jitendra Awhad. He then postponed the sale. Awhad had said that all the officers involved in the process would be replaced and new officers would be appointed. Accordingly, the moratorium on the sale has been lifted after the transfer of the Deputy Chief Officer as well as some property managers. However, the residents are expressing fears that the monopoly of brokers will not be reduced even if someone comes to this post. Although a Deputy Chief Officer from Nashik has been appointed for this strategic post, the concerned officer has not been able to take charge as another officer is keeping an eye on this post.

The newly appointed officer did not accept the charge

There is a committee under the chairmanship of the co-chief officer for the distribution of redesigned and redeveloped flats. This committee consists of the Deputy Chief Officer as well as other officers. Deputy Chief Officer Vishal Deshmukh has been transferred to Konkan Housing Board. Narayan Lahare, Deputy Chief Officer, Nashik Housing Board has been appointed in his place. He has not been able to accept the post even after a week of appointment.

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