Pradip Sharma was given the responsibility for the murder of Mansukh Hiren; Sachin Waze had given a bag full of notes


The information comes to light after a chargesheet was filed against Sachin Waze, the main accused in the case of placing explosives outside the residence of industrialist Mukesh Ambani. The chargesheet reveals a plot to assassinate Mansukh Hiren. Former encounter specialist Pradeep Sharma was tasked with killing Mansukh Hiren. The chargesheet filed by the NIA on September 3 was that Sachin Waze had paid a large sum of money to Pradip Sharma for the murder.

After taking the job of killing Mansukh Hiren, Pradip Sharma spoke to Santosh Shelar and asked him to join the murder. They then murdered Hiren together. Mansukh Hiren was killed on March 4 and they met on March 2. The chargesheet revealed that Waze had called a meeting on March 2. Sunil Mane and another policeman Pradip Sharma were also present. Mansukh Hiren was already there. According to the NIA, Waze had called the meeting to find out how the two looked like Hiren and to avoid any problems with the plan. In the evening of the same day, Sachin Waze once again met Sunil Mane at Andheri’s Chakla and gave him the SIM card and mobile handset given to him by bookie Naresh Gaur.

The indictment alleges that Pradip Sharma was given the task of killing Mansukh Hiren. For this work, Pradip Sharma approached Santosh Shelar and asked if he could commit murder in exchange for money. Shelar had said yes then.

Great preparations were made for the assassination

Pradip Sharma asked Santosh Shelar for the registration number of the Tavera vehicle, which was to be used for Mansukh’s murder. There was a problem with the SIM card given to Sunil Mane by Sachin Waze. So Sunil Mane went to Sachin Waze’s office on March 3 and returned the SIM card and mobile phone. Waze then met Mane again at Chakla on the same day. Gave a new mobile and SIM and told to call Mansukh by the name of Tawde and ask him to come to Thane. There Mansukh will be handed over to Santosh Shelar.

Kelly killed on March 4

On the evening of March 4, Mane called Hiren, pretending to be a police officer from Malad. Hiren then agreed to meet him. Mane handed over Mansukh to Shela. Shelar Manish Soni, Satish Mothukari and Anand Jadhav along with three others were waiting for him. They killed Hiren in the car and dumped his body in the creek.

The chargesheet said that on March 3, Waze met Sharma again and gave him a bag full of money, which contained Rs 500 notes. After taking the money, Pradip Sharma called Shelar and asked him to arrange a red tavera. Sharma wanted to use the vehicle to kill Hiren and dispose of his body.

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