Pressure from a ‘recovery agent’ to pay off a two-wheeler loan; 26-year-old commits suicide


Vasai: An amateur playwright has committed suicide due to pressure from an agent of a private recovery company to repay a loan for a two-wheeler. The young man’s name is Rahul Sakpal (26). The matter has come to light from a letter he wrote before committing suicide.

Rahul Sakpal was a young amateur playwright. His father had died. The mother had also been missing for two years. So he was living alone in a house in the Tulinj area east of Nalasopara. He had borrowed a two-wheeler. However, due to the layoffs, he became unemployed and could not repay his two-wheeler loan. He had also borrowed from friends to pay it off.

Meanwhile, the recovery agent had sued him to repay the loan. So he was disappointed. In the midst of this depression, he committed suicide by hanging himself at his residence on Saturday evening. According to his close aides, Rahul had written in the letter that he was committing suicide due to the harassment of the debt and recovery agent. An untimely death has been registered at Tulinj police station in this regard.

Due to lack of work, Rahul was going from house to house to get members of newspapers. He had played small and big roles in various plays and also won awards. Rahul’s play ‘Mazar’ won the first prize in a national level competition 3 years ago.

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