Pressure on the Vice Chancellor’s purchase of expensive vehicles

|| Reshma Shivdekar

MUMBAI: Ku Laguru and university officials, who buy luxury, expensive vehicles for themselves, have come under fire for taking advantage of ambiguity in the rules when the university’s coffers are in shambles. The state government has set a maximum limit for the number of vehicles that can be purchased by university officials like Ku Laguru, Q-Ku Laguru. Therefore, Ku Lagurus will now be able to purchase vehicles for themselves up to Rs 12 lakh, including goods and services tax, registration fee and other materials.

Expenditure on ministers, chartered officers, etc. has been capped during the Coronation period. The government has taken serious note of the news that Ku Lagurs of some universities in the state have taken expensive SUVs for themselves and has set a limit on the purchase of vehicles by Ku Laguru, Q-Ku Laguru, Ku Laschiv and other university officials.

This order issued by the Department of Higher and Technical Education will be applicable to all non-agricultural universities in the state. Accordingly, Ku Laguru can buy a vehicle up to Rs 12 lakh. The limit will be Rs 10 lakh for Q-Ku Lagurs and Rs 9 lakh for Ku-Lachivans. Also, with the approval of the management council of the university, an officer can purchase a vehicle up to Rs 8 lakh.

As per the rules of the state government, there are restrictions on the prices of vehicles of secretaries and office bearers of the corporation. However, there was no clarity about the value of Ku Laguru’s vehicles. Now this ambiguity is gone.

On July 28 last year, the finance department issued an amended order in this regard. Accordingly, there is no limit on the prices of vehicles of the Governor, Chief Minister, Chief Justice of the High Court, Deputy Chief Minister. However, there is a limit on the number of vehicles that can be purchased by the Cabinet Minister, Minister of State, Chief Secretary, Information Commissioner, Commissioner of Police, Collector, office bearers of corporations. It has also improved the price of vehicles.

However, there was no clarity as even the revised order did not include Ku Laguru and other office bearers of the universities. As per the previous system, the number of votes cast for the vehicles of Additional Chief Secretary, Principal Secretary and Secretary is the same as the limit imposed on the Vice-Chancellor. However, due to lack of clarity in the rules, it was not followed.

Previous Disputes

Last year, the case of purchase of a vehicle worth Rs. Earlier, 10 years ago, the purchase of a vehicle worth Rs 25 lakh from Marathwada University and Rs 16 lakh from Nagpur University was also a matter of controversy.

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