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On Teachers’ Day, 19 teachers were honored with district awards.

Although modern technology has given rise to a new generation of computer educators, a knowledge-based economy can only be a tower in the air, and an economy based on labor and knowledge is sustainable. For this, it is necessary to reduce the growing gap between the rich and the poor and bring equality. Expressed by Umakant Dangat.
On behalf of Beed Zilla Parishad Education Department, 19 teachers were given district awards on Teachers’ Day. Umakant Dangat was honored. At this time Dr. Dangat said, “Teacher’s Day is a day of self-reflection with pride and in the beginning one should understand teacher and education.” Education is the process by which a person changes their knowledge, attitudes, and behavior. Since this responsibility is being carried out by the teachers, it is the responsibility of the teachers to keep the democracy alive and create a generation with character. The introductory speech was made by Shashikant Higonekar, Education Officer, Primary.

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