“Priests were crying, still…?”, AAP attacks BJP in Surat over temple demolition

Due to the demolition of the temple in Surat, the Gujarat unit of the Aam Aadmi Party has become very aggressive against the BJP. Against this backdrop, the Gujarat unit of AAP on Friday (September 10) demanded that Chief Minister Vijay Rupani should strongly apologize for the incident. The BJP-ruled Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) has demolished a temple in Surat, which is an insult to Hindus in the state, said AAP’s Gujarat unit.

The Surat Municipal Corporation on Wednesday (September 8) demolished the roadside Ramdev Peer Mandir in Kapodra area of ​​the city as part of its anti-encroachment drive for the Metro Railway project. AAP is also alleging that there was a big security situation at this time. Criticizing Isudhan Gadhvi, the state leader of AAP, he said, “Today, the Hindu community of Gujarat has been hurt. The temple is a symbol of devotion for Hindus. The Ramdev Peer Temple is many decades old. Many members of the community started their daily activities by praying in this temple. ”

“The priest was crying, yet?”

A video of the demolition of the temple in Surat also went viral on social media. In this video, the priest of this temple was seen crying while the temple was being demolished by the JCB machine. AAP leaders also showed the viral video at a press conference in Ahmedabad. Meanwhile, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal activists had staged agitation there during the temple collapse. These activists were also arrested by the police. On all these issues, AAP’s Isudhan Gadhvi has also targeted the BJP through Twitter.

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“Even the British did not have the courage, so how did the BJP do this in Gujarat?”

“Today, the Hindu community of Gujarat has been hurt. The temple priests were weeping as the temple was being demolished. You did not bother to ask any priest or Hindu community leader before demolishing the temple. When Vishwa Hindu Parishad activists tried to protest, you threatened to arrest the police using force. Even the British never dared to touch the temples. So how did BJP do this in Gujarat? Our ancestors have given their lives for our temples, ”said Isudhan Gadhvi, criticizing the BJP.

“What about the illegal houses of BJP leaders?”

BJP is in power in Surat Municipal Corporation. So you are the opposition. Speaking further on the incident, the AAP leader said, “The manner in which the BJP government in Surat, with the help of the local administration and the police, has brought down the symbol of faith is an insult not only to Gujarat but to Hindus across the country.” What have you done for temples in the past? If you say that this temple was illegal, then how many BJP leaders have illegal houses? Can’t you find other illegal places in Gujarat? You have hurt the feelings of Hindus. ”

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