“Prime Minister Modi does not keep expensive petrol money at home”; Netizens trolled after Bollywood actor’s statement

Rising prices of foodgrains and petrol and diesel are causing many problems to the general public. Opposition groups called for a boycott of the BJP government in protest of the decision. Meanwhile, BJP leaders and supporters have raised questions over the government’s statement that it is not responsible for it. Recently, BJP MP Manoj Tiwari had said that petrol and diesel money was being used for free vaccines. Some Union ministers have said that the rise in prices is due to oil bonds issued by the Congress. After that, now Bollywood actor Gajendra Chouhan has said something similar and is being surprised.

On Saturday, Gajendra Chouhan tweeted from his official Twitter handle about the rising price of petrol and diesel. In which he said that Narendra Modi does not keep the expensive petrol money in his house but invests in the development of the country.

“The Modi government is going to build 19 more highways on which army planes will land. Modi is not keeping your expensive petrol money at home, he is investing in the development of the country, ā€¯Gajendra Chouhan said in his tweet.

Netizens have raised a number of questions on Gajendra Chouhan’s tweet. At present all the national / state highways are being constructed by private companies at their own cost and the cost along with interest is being recovered from the public as toll tax. No government has anything to do with it. ‘Then will Modi pay the toll too? This question has been asked by a user. ‘Sir, then why are you increasing the price of petrol? Build a highway by selling the kidneys of all of us, a user has strongly suggested.

‘Take Rs 500 per liter for diesel, petrol, mustard oil. What will happen to the country when a person dies of starvation ?, ‘Why public money? Why don’t MPs and ministers have money? Gajendra Chauhan has been asked such questions.

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