Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday was celebrated by Muslim women in Varanasi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday has been celebrated in a unique way by Muslim women in his constituency of Varanasi. On the occasion of her birthday, the women of the Muslim Women’s Foundation thanked Narendra Modi by making a photo of Narendra Modi under the program “Modi, Parents of Muslim Girls”. Muslim women also made a lotus rangoli with Modi’s name and BJP symbol on it.

At the Subhash Bhavan in Indresh Nagar, Lamahi, the women of the Muslim Women’s Foundation drew rangoli and lit 71 lamps of Modi’s portrait. At the same time, Modi’s portrait was symbolically filled with ladu. After that, laddu was distributed at Subhash Bhavan.

Nazneen Ansari of the Muslim Women’s Foundation said that Narendra Modi is a guardian for Muslim girls. Those who care about building their home do not break it. No one has happened and will not happen like Modi. Modi is the savior for Muslim women.

The life of Muslim women in India, like in some other countries around the world, was extremely difficult some time ago. They were bound by three divorces and had to endure many hardships due to halala-like practices. Fearing being evicted by their husbands, the women were subjected to abuse by their husbands, who had no legal right to social security after the marriage. So in 2013, Muslim women from Varanasi, led by the Muslim Foundation, started an agitation against the three divorces and sent a letter to Narendra Modi seeking his support. After this, Modi took a big decision to give legal support to this demand of Muslim women and enacted a law against three divorces. Muslim women were greatly relieved by this decision.

Muslim women were freed from oppression and the oppression of them in the name of religion was curtailed. Muslim women have also thanked Modi for his decision.

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