Rahul Gandhi wished Modi a happy birthday in four words; “Is there a famine of words?”, Modi supporters asked

Today is the 71st birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and on this occasion Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has wished the Prime Minister a happy birthday. Today, Modi is celebrating his 71st birthday and from today, BJP has started a 21-day service and dedication campaign. Modi’s birthday is also being discussed on social networks. The BJP is praising Modi’s work and the Congress, the main opposition party, is celebrating September 17 as National Unemployment Day. Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi’s tweet has caught the attention of many.

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Yesterday, Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandvia said that Modi had decided to give free corona vaccine to all. The Union Health Minister has said that those who have not yet been vaccinated should be vaccinated. “Let all Indian Prime Minister Modi give gifts and get vaccinated,” Mandvia said. “Let’s do vaccination service and give him (Prime Minister Modi) a birthday present. Those who have not been vaccinated till now should get vaccinated and give a birthday present to Modi, ”said Mandvia. In fact, Mandvia made the appeal on Thursday afternoon. In it, he said that people should inspire their acquaintances, relatives and all sections of the society to get vaccinated.

Today, the BJP intends to set a record for vaccination and will also try to promote vaccination in various events organized on the occasion of Modi’s birthday. For the next three weeks from today till October 7, various programs have been organized. During this period, the second wave of Corona will try to change the negative atmosphere created by the government and the party. The 21-day event, organized on the occasion of Modi’s birthday, will include 14 crore ration bags, 5 crore Thank You Modiji postcards, work to be done at 71 places under the river cleaning campaign, social media campaign, corona vaccination and seminars on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s life and work. . On the one hand, while all this is going on, on the other hand, the Congress is attacking Modi. The Indian Youth Congress will celebrate Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday as National Unemployment Day, ”it was announced. The Congress has alleged that 32 lakh salaried people have lost their jobs during the Rona period and Modi’s rich friends are getting richer. “Now that pakodanomics is over, the youth here really need jobs,” said Tolahi Youth Congress.

On social networks, there is a picture of a match between Modi supporters and opponents. In the same way, Rahul Gandhi congratulated Modi in very few words. Happy Birthday Modi ji, Rahul has tweeted four words in English.

Many have reacted differently to Rahul Gandhi’s tweet, with some questioning whether there was a dearth of words, while others have posted a photo of Rahul kissing Modi in Parliament.

Is there a famine of words?

These are friendship goals

I smiled when I saw the tweet

Because of such things

While Rahul’s tweet was in the news, Youth Congress national president Srinivasa BV took to Twitter to call for the day to be celebrated as National Unemployment Day, tweeting, “September 17 is National Unemployment Day. Is.

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A statement issued by the Youth Congress claimed that the unemployment rate has risen from 2.4 to 10.3. The hashtag Jumla Diwas is also being discussed on Twitter today.

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