Rajasthan passes ‘Child Marriage Registration’ Bill; BJP protests saying “black day”

The Rajasthan government has passed a bill to amend the law on compulsory registration of marriages including child marriages. But this time, the opposition has walked out of the assembly. The Rajasthan Legislative Assembly on Friday (September 17) passed the Compulsory Marriage Registration (Amendment) Bill 2021. The government has amended the 2009 Marriage Registration Act. Meanwhile, the most important thing in the amendments made in this law is that it will also be necessary to register the marriage of a child-married bride and groom. Under the new bill, the parents or guardians of the bride and groom will be required to submit child marriage information within 30 days of the marriage.

Simply put, in the state, it will now be necessary to register the marriage of a girl under 18 and a boy under 21. In addition, if one or both of the spouses die before the marriage is registered, their family members can still register their marriage after the death. Meanwhile, BJP MLAs walked out of the House while the bill was being passed. The BJP has questioned the need for child marriage registration. At the same time, the BJP demanded the withdrawal of the bill. However, the Congress government in the state has clarified that the bill was brought as per the order of the Supreme Court.

“Is this a black day?”

“If this bill is passed, it will be a black day for the Assembly. Is the Legislature unanimously allowing child marriage in this way? Do we want to allow child marriage by showing our hands? This bill is a black chapter in the history of the Assembly, ”he said while talking to a BJP MLA from Rajasthan. “You say child marriage will be allowed,” Rajasthan Parliamentary Affairs Minister Shanti Dhariwal told ANI. But, this amendment does not say that child marriage will be valid anywhere. A marriage certificate is a legal document. Besides, a widow cannot benefit from any government scheme. ”

Appointment of Registration Officer

The bill, passed in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly, now allows the government to appoint additional District Marriage Registration Officers (DMROs) and Block Marriage Registration Officers to register marriages. Previously, only DMRO had the right to register marriages in the state. Under Section 8 of the Compulsory Marriage Registration Act, if the girl is under 18 years of age and the boy is under 21 years of age at the time of marriage, their parents have to inform the registration officer within 30 days. The bill, meanwhile, has been approved by a voice vote amid opposition objections.

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