Rapid blood tests for cancer diagnosis in Britain

LONDON: Britain’s National Health Service on Monday launched rapid blood tests to diagnose 50 types of cancer. Grail, a health company, is conducting the tests at a project called Gallery, which can detect cancer much earlier in blood tests.

The NHS-Gallery test project, which involved 140,000 people, has been launched in eight parts of the UK. Many types of cancer can be identified with the help of gallery testing. The accuracy is even higher, said Harpal Kumar, Europe’s president of Grail and a cancer researcher in Britain. Harpal Kumar is of Indian descent. He said the test was a precautionary measure against malignant cancers and was supported by the National Health Plan. Early and accurate diagnosis of cancer is very important. “We want to use our technology to serve the people,” he said. Some people’s blood samples will be taken at the rapid testing center and the facility will be available in retail parks and other community places. A simple blood test can help diagnose cancer faster and more accurately. This will make it possible to detect three-quarters of early cancers. Cancer of the neck, intestines, lungs, pancreas and throat can also be detected in these tests, using cell-free DNA genetic coding. If this gene is found in the blood, it is diagnosed as cancer.

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