“Rashmitai, when will you catch the smiles of Taliban like Raut?”

In the Sakinaka area of ​​Mumbai, the ruling party and the opposition have started making allegations against the ruling party and the opposition over the inhuman sexual harassment case against a woman. Shiv Sena reminded BJP of Kathua and Hathras issue Is. But now, from the same front page, BJP Women’s Front president Chitra Wagh, while targeting the Shiv Sena and especially Sanjay Raut, has directly mentioned the Chief Minister’s wife Rashmi Thackeray.

Recalling the Kathua and Hathras case, the Opposition said that the rule of law prevails in Maharashtra and stern action will be taken against the culprits. Similarly, in the case of Sakinaka, it is a matter of sensitivity to have tears in one’s eyes, but when tears begin to flow, it is feared that the seriousness of the matter will be lost. From this front page article, Chitra Wagh directly asked the question to Rashmi Thackeray, the editor of the newspaper, referring to Raut.

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Criticism of Raut

“Sanjay Raut’s headline in the match is an example of his Taliban attitude towards women. “Ah, Raut, a woman has been inhumanely tortured, so you will not understand the torment she suffered in this life as well,” said Chitra Wagh. Also, “You use it to fuel politics on such an unfortunate incident and compare Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. Negativity has become your attribute. We just used to have emotional chats and then after the incident, Tai, don’t panic, don’t worry, just use emotional excuses saying that the attackers will be punished, ”said Wagh, criticizing Raut. Not only that, but Wagh also raised the question, “Sanjay Raut, when did you become a Mumbai CP?” “Before the investigation is completed, you declare that the perpetrator was the ‘only’ culprit. Is this a struggle to save anyone or is it a perversion? ”, Said Wagh.

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Question to Rashmi Thackeray

Similarly, Chitra Wagh said, “I want to ask Sarvesarva Rashmitai Thackeray of ‘Saamana’ that your executives are using such inhumane incidents for jealous claims in politics. So, when are you going to catch the kiss of such Taliban tendency ?, is the question asked to Rashmi Thackeray.

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What’s in the article?

“A woman was raped in Sakinaka area of ​​Mumbai. A man brutally attacked the woman and killed her. This incident has shocked the culture of Maharashtra. Police and doctors tried to save the unfortunate woman, but the victim died. The rapist, Naradham Koni Mohan Chauhan, is from Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh. Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has announced that the man was caught red-handed by the police and will be tried in a ‘fast truck’ court and hanged as soon as possible. In Maharashtra, the rule of law prevails and those who commit such heinous acts will not escape the clutches of the law. However, the Opposition in the state has been vocal on all these issues. Opponents have used the language that there is no rule of law in the state, there is no fear of law, ”the article said.

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Criticism of the Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh

Also, “Such incidents have taken place in Amravati, Pune, Nagpur before Sakinaka. Every incident is disturbing and irritating. The main thing is to tarnish the tradition of Maharashtra. It is natural for people to be outraged. As soon as such incidents take place, storms form, the minds become numb and Jagarhati continues again. The Bharatiya Janata Party has played the role of the Opposition in this matter. He is now shouting about how women are not safe in Mumbai-Maharashtra. While the Sakinaka incident may have shocked everyone, there is no reason for anyone to be angry that Mumbai is the safest city in the world for women. Cases like Sakinakya are caused by a terrible deformity and this deformity can erupt in any corner of the world. The Hathras rape and murder case is being compared to the Sakinaka incident. She is completely wrong. In Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, those who raped and killed the girl had a sanctuary and the accused were being evaded. The victim’s body was hastily burnt by the government and the evidence was destroyed and no one was allowed to reach her family. In the Hathras case, the yogi’s government was saying, “There was no rape!”, But in the end, it turned out to be false.

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Isn’t this a sign of government sensitivity?

The role of the National Commission for Women has also been questioned. “The National Women’s Commission team did not show the promptness with which it reached Mumbai in the Sakinaka case,” he said. Even in the ‘Kathua’ rape case, people of one political party had taken to the streets to support the rape. If there is no fear of the law, it has to be said in such cases. In the Sakinaka case, the police nabbed the accused in 10 minutes and showed what the fear of law is. Basically, those who are perverted people do not know the law and so on. Therefore, crushing the lesion is the only solution. The victim woman from Sakinaka has two daughters. They have become baseless. Isn’t it a sign of sensitivity of the government that Eknath Shinde has announced that the state government is taking responsibility for the education of the girls and further? ”

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This case should be left to the court

“The state is afraid of the law and the state has a mind. Such incidents have increased in Maharashtra in the last few days. It is the job of society as well as the law to control it. An in-depth investigation into the Sakinaka case will reveal how dirty the Jaunpur pattern is in Mumbai. It is not possible for the police to be present at every place where crime takes place, said Commissioner of Police Hemant Nagarale. Some people have argued over that. In particular, the National Commission for Women expressed displeasure over the statement of the Commissioner of Police. What did the Mumbai police say was wrong? The Commissioners of Police of Lucknow, Patna, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore will have the same opinion as Hemant Nagarale and that is correct. Mumbai Police is vigilant and competent and the whole society has not been criminalized. The police and the community trust each other. As long as he is, the rule of law will remain. Maharashtra, including Mumbai, has such a rule of law. No matter how much the opposition blows up the Sakinaka rape case, the rule of law will not be shattered. In this case, it seems that the victim and the accused already knew each other, became friends and that led to the ‘attack’. The victim was handcuffed by the police. Therefore, this case should be left to the court, ”the article said.

Indicative advice not to do politics

“According to the opposition leaders, the man will be sentenced to death. Because no one has come to the streets to defend or support the accused. This was the case with Kathua and Hathras. We have to be aware of what subject and issue we want to politicize. It is the sensitivity of the mind that tears come to the eyes in the case of Sakinaka, but when the tears begin to flow, the fear, the seriousness of the matter is lost. Let the police do their job. These investigations have to be done by the police only. However, if anyone wants to hand over the Sakinaka case file to ‘ED’ etc., who will stop them? Let him do whatever he wants, ”he said at the end of the article.

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