Redevelopment of the crowded Borivali station

IRSDC will appoint a consultant for facilities on the lines of CSMT

Mumbai: The Indian Railway Station Development Corporation (IRSDC) has decided to redevelop the bustling Borivali station on the Western Railway. The boundaries of the station will be enhanced with the same facilities as the CSMT station, a senior official said.

The number of passengers at Borivali station on the Western Railway suburban route has increased in the last few years. At present, the daily number of passengers of this station is 52 lakhs, but in 2017 and 18, the number of passengers was 2 lakh 93 thousand, it had increased to more than 3 lakhs. Due to the increasing trend of buying houses in the suburbs and the traffic congestion while traveling by road, many people choose the local option. That is why the number of passengers is increasing, say railway officials.

Borivali station has also seen an increase in the number of passengers in the last few years. It has increased facilities like platforms, pedestrian bridges, escalators, elevators etc. Borivali station has ten platforms with five pedestrian bridges, seven escalators and seven elevators. Three more escalators will be added. Skywalks have also been added to the existing pedestrian bridges. There is also a deck to the west to get passengers to the station.

The railway boundary to the west and east of the station will be further developed by the IRSDC. A senior official said the development of Borivali station was similar to the redevelopment of the CSMT station boundary. A consultant will be appointed for this, it was informed. Efforts will be made to facilitate parking, station disability friendly, different parts of arrival and departure, rail mall etc.

Welfare proposal too

While accelerating the redevelopment of CSMT station, the plan proposal of Kalyan station is also in the final stage. The official also said that an interest proposal for the companies would be issued soon.


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