Refusal to vaccinate disrupted electricity and water supply to the house

The government is currently giving more and more incentives to the people of the country to get the corona vaccine. It is also using different means of awakening. In some places, there are even plans not to pay salaries to employees who have not been vaccinated. However, you will be really surprised to read about this incident in Madhya Pradesh.

A family in Madhya Pradesh has leveled a serious allegation against the administration. The family of Wahid Khan, who lives in Badwani, said that the administration had pressured them to get vaccinated and they had cut off the electricity and water supply to our house after we refused to get vaccinated.

According to Aajtak, a team of vaccinating officers arrived at Khan’s house on Friday. Khan has three members in his household. Asked why he did not get the vaccine, Khan said he had not taken the corona vaccine as he was undergoing medical treatment. He also said that he will be vaccinated on the 28th. However, the authorities immediately put pressure on the Khan family to get vaccinated.

The Khan family has alleged that the administration immediately cut off water and electricity supply and confiscated ration cards after the family refused to take the vaccine. However, the officials said that we are giving maximum encouragement to the people for vaccination against corona. We are implementing various schemes for this and the citizens are responding to it in large numbers. In some places some people don’t listen, so they have to force a bit. But if something like that happened to the family, it will be investigated and if the power and water supply is cut off, it will be restarted.

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