Registration, extension of application sale

Leaving the Konkan Circle

MUMBAI: MHADA’s Konkan Board has extended the deadline for registration, sale and acceptance of 8984 houses. Accordingly, the aspirants can now register till September 29 and submit the application online till September 30 along with the deposit to the bank.

Applications can be submitted through RTGS / NEFT till October 1. The extension is for this process only, but the deadline is October 14.

On 22nd August, advertisement was published for 8984 houses of Konkan Mandal. Registration, sale of applications and acceptance started from 24th August. Wednesday (September 22) was the last day for registration. Registration was to close at 11.59 pm. With just a few hours to go before the registration closes, the Konkan Board has given relief to the aspirants by announcing the extension of the deadline for sale and acceptance of applications.

According to the extension, a new schedule has been announced and registration will now be possible till September 29 (11.59 pm). The application along with the deposit can be submitted online till September 30. Applications can be submitted through RTGS / NEFT till October 1. Earlier, the deadline for submission of applications was September 23. The deadline for submission of applications with RTGS / NFT was September 24.

Good response

1 lakh 40 thousand 495 aspirants have registered till 6.30 pm on 22nd September. 1 lakh 83 thousand 626 applications have been filled out of which 1 lakh 42 thousand 36 have submitted applications to the bank along with deposit.

Registration, application sales – acceptance is getting good response. Registration, sale of applications – Many festivals took place during the acceptance process. During this time many people were anxious. A large number of citizens had gone to the village for Ganeshotsav. Therefore, the deadline has been extended to give more time to the aspirants to participate in the draw. – Nitin Mahajan, Chief Officer, Konkan Mandal


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