Response to the problems created by fundamentalism in Afghanistan – Prime Minister Modi

Appeal for policy at SCO summit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday called on the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) to formulate a policy against radicalism and terrorism and to tackle both challenges effectively.

In a virtual speech at the summit of the organization, he said that the root cause of the problems in the region is fundamentalism and terrorism, which has been underlined by the developments in Afghanistan. Lack of peace, security, trust are the major challenges in the region. The root cause of this is increasing fundamentalism. In response to this, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) should formulate a policy framework in this regard, based on the principles of Islam-related traditions, inclusiveness, tolerance and moderation. The fight against fundamentalism is useful not only for regional security but also for trust. He has welcomed Iran as a new member.

India is keen to establish contacts with Central Asia. But one-way communication or cooperation is of no use in this interconnection. Cooperation based on the principles of consultation, transparency and participation is expected. -Narendra Modi, Prime Minister

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