Retired officer’s attempt to get a luxurious house in Navi Mumbai under pressure!

Refusal to grant interim stay by civil court

MUMBAI: A civil court in Thane has cracked down on the efforts of an existing IPS officer, a deputy commissioner of sales tax and a retired chartered accountant to rely on the affidavits of a minister of state’s personal assistant to get a 1,800-square-foot house in a luxurious complex in Navi Mumbai. An application seeking temporary stay in the case has been rejected by the court.

Subbarao Patil, a retired chartered accountant and a member of the Maharashtra Revenue Tribunal, donated a 1766 sq. It was decided to buy from Vishwa Developers (via NM Patil) in September 2019. He wanted to pay Rs 1 crore 81 lakh for the purchase price of this flat. He initially paid Rs 5 lakh for the purchase of the flat. The agreement required for approval from CIDCO was notarized. After getting permission, the remaining amount was to be repaid by taking out a loan from the bank. But that transaction was not completed. Similarly, Vishwa Developers sold the flat for Rs 12 crore to former police officer Amar Jadhav. However, Patil applied to the civil court to stay the transaction. Patil claimed that the flat was now sold to another person for want of a higher price. However, the court rejected the application for interim stay.

Patil claimed that he had paid not only five lakh rupees but one crore 19 lakh 67 thousand 752 rupees for this flat. He claimed that the amount of Rs 1 crore 10 lakh given to NM Patil in 2013 was the price of the flat. However, the court refuted the claim, stating that there was no mention in the unregistered agreement.

He also submitted the affidavits of two existing IPS officers as well as the Deputy Commissioner of Sales Tax and a personal assistant to the Minister of State to show that he was living in the flat. However, the court rejected it and rejected Subbarao Patil’s demand for an interim stay on the sale of the flat. Ad by Vishwa Developers. Asmita Sarangdhar oversaw the work.

We lived in this flat for two-three years. The court has simply refused to grant an interim stay. The full results are yet to come. CIDCO as well as the co-operative society had also issued no-objection certificates -Subbarao Patil, Retired Chartered Officer

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